Hi! I’m Mateo Acevedo, a visual artist and animator from Bogota, Colombia. Mataconarte (Kill with Art) is my artistic pseudonym. Founded in 2018, it has been the name by which my projects have been published. 

Throughout my younger years I had the opportunity of exploring many different creative arts; ranging from theater acting, to photography, writing, and playing music. When I was 18, I went to study in San Francisco, California, at the Academy of Arts University. There I was able to experiment with even more creative fields like sculpting and animating. 

I have worked in many creative positions. From in-house illustrator for agencies, graphic designer, animator, and even art directed some independent projects. My work has been showcased in The Academy of Art 2020 Spring show, RedBull 3Style DJ Competition 2019, and in several publications such as Peephole Brainfood Issue. Click here if you want to see a more detailed description of my credits and awards.

Here are some of the Softwares I use in my projects:

Currently, I’m working on two independently produced mini web series with The Folsom Project.

If you want to learn more about me, click here to download my personal comic book in English or Spanish!

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Want to see more of my work?

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